Miranda Lambert’s Sense of “Self”

Miranda Lambert graces the cover of “Self” magazine this month, and she is holding nothing back. From body image to marriage, nothing is off limits for this country music superstar!

Ladies, listen up! Miranda isn’t afraid to tell you she is happiest at a size 8. Miranda tells “Self” that she has no desire to be super skinny and, instead, prefers to eat and keep herself toned. And when you have a man like Blake Shelton to tell you how beautiful you are, it’s hard not to see that in yourself as well!

How does this blonde bombshell keep her sexy physique? She exercises with a trainer. And Miranda won’t tell you that she enjoys it; in fact, it is quite the contrary. Miranda hates to workout. But, she knows it is a necessary evil. How else could she afford to kick back with a “Randa-rita,” which consists of Bacardi, Crystal Light, and Sprite Zero, after a long day?

Miranda is also conscientious of what she eats. After a night on stage, this “Gunpowder and Lead” singer (who also acts as her own armed security guard!) satisfies her hunger with some grilled chicken and snacks on bananas and almonds.

There is no doubt Miranda is a role model for girls. She isn’t afraid to drink a beer and eat some barbecue; she refuses to give up the things she loves, in spite of her fame; she owns the body she was given; and she doesn’t hesitate to speak out about what she believes. If anything is clear about this small town girl gone country sensation, it’s that she’s just like you — only prettier.

Okay okay, all kidding aside, we should all take a page out of Miranda’s book because her sense of “Self” is truly inspiring. Tell us how your favorite celebrity inspires you to embrace the person you are.

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