Miranda Lambert Finds Another Stray

Miranda Lambert has a heart the size of Texas for animals, especially dogs.  Currently, Lambert and her husband, Blake Shelton, share their Oklahoma ranch with seven canine children.  But their brood might have gained a new member yesterday.  Lambert tweeted yesterday afternoon:

@Miranda_Lambert: Found another dog this am on the side of the road. In sad shape. I’m about to start kicking someone’s ass.

There was no photo attached to the tweet for this stray pup but Lambert did tweet a few weeks ago about yet another stray she took under her wing:

@Miranda_Lambert: And I Found this on the side of the road this morning. Dah-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman! (The theme song ):)

Lambert’s love for dogs and all furry creatures inspired her a few years ago to start a foundation for animals known as MuttNation Foundation.  The foundation’s purpose, as stated on their website, “is to build animal shelters for better care; increase pet adoption and encourage responsible pet guardianship; rehabilitate sick or unsocialized animals; fund spay/neuter programs; reduce/eliminate euthanasia of healthy animals; and train shelter dogs for purposes of therapy programs, assistance for wounded military personnel and dogs-in-prisons programs.”

In addition to donations from the public, Lambert also puts on a concert every year to support MuttNation Foundation.  Cause for the Paws is held annually in Texas and tickets are sold to the public, with proceeds going to MuttNation Foundation.

This year’s Cause for the Paws concert is scheduled for June 22 in Beaumont, TX.  Joining Lambert on stage will be Texas favorites, Wade Bowen and The Josh Abbott Band.  Tickets for the event can be purchased at www.ticketmaster.com.

For more information on the MuttNation Foundation or Cause for the Paws, visit muttnationfoundation.com/.

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