Jason Aldean Album News

In an interview with CNN’s entertainment blog, Jason Aldean admits that his next album isn’t going to sound exactly like “My Kinda Party.” In fact, he doesn’t know if it will beat his last record, but he’s hoping that his fans will “dig it.”

When it comes to albums, I think it’s important to never get away completely from what got you to this point, and obviously, what’s worked for you.
That said you don’t want to go out and continue to make the same albums over and over — that’s going to be kind of boring too. So you know for me it was about going in and finding the best songs we could find and trying to put together a record that I felt like was you know, just as good if not better than the previous record.


But fans who are worried about the success of his new album don’t need to: he went in and made the best album he could with the best songs he could find. He knows there will be comparisons to his last album, but he thinks fans will like his new effort:

I think “My Kinda Party,” that album, was so successful, it’s going to be really hard to compare any album to that one. Now [I’m] not saying that I don’t hope this next record doesn’t come out and blow the doors off of that one, but you can’t really expect that.

You’ve just kind of got to go in and make what you feel like is a great record and put it out there and hope people dig it.

Read the interview in its entirety on CNN here.


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