Hunter Hayes On Mother’s Day

Just in case you forgot, Warner Music Nashville’s Hunter Hayes wants to remind fans that Mother’s Day is this weekend. The Academy of Country Music’s New Artist of the Year nominee credits his mom with keeping his family together.

“I just know that my mother is like the glue to our family. She’s the most patient person I know and there’s no love like hers because it’s unconditional.”

While Hunter might not be good in the kitchen, he still knows a way to help show his mother how much he appreciates everything she’s done.

“Dad and I aren’t too good at the culinary thing (like hopeless) so we take mom to a really nice restaurant to have a long-relaxing dinner after church on Sunday.”

Hunter has been a pretty busy guy the last few years, with his career soaring to new heights. He shares the best surprise he ever pulled on his mom for Mother’s Day:

“I think the best thing I ever pulled off was surprising my Mother last year for Mother’s Day. I was on my radio tour for weeks at a time and hadn’t really planned on coming back home, but I was able to get a flight home to spend time with her. She knew nothing. Booked the flight, stayed at a friend’s place the night before, even called her that morning as I was driving up and made her think I was on the road. She was shocked! It went great!”

What are you planning on doing for Mother’s Day this year? Are you like Hunter and planning on taking her out for a nice dinner, or are you going to cook and do chores around the house for her instead?

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