Capital Hoedown Permit Pulled

Capital Hoedown

We just received an e-mail from The City of Ottawa indicating that Capital Hoedown has never paid their $150,000 payment to the city, and therefore, their special event permit has been terminated. Capital Hoedown will not be able to proceed on city property in Ottawa. Here’s the e-mail and remember to leave us your thoughts. The e-mail is from Ottawa’s Media Relations Manager, Barre Campbell.

Capital Hoedown has a 3-day Special Event Agreement with the City of Ottawa. Capital Hoedown has an outstanding unpaid payment of $150,000. On May 24, Capital Hoedown informed the City that a wire transfer of $150,000 into the City’s account had been made that day. Accordingly, the City’s understanding was that Capital Hoedown organizers had met current financial obligations ($150,000). It takes time to process and verify this type of payment. The City’s Finance Department was in contact with Capital Hoedown organizers on the wire issue of the transfer in order to ensure receipt.

 After spending considerable time investigating, it was clear that the money was never sent to the City contrary to what was indicated earlier by the organizers of Capital Hoedown. Capital Hoedown organizers were contacted by the City yesterday and informed that they had until 4 p.m. today to provide a certified cheque in the amount of $150,000 for City services. Capital Hoedown organizers have not met that condition.

Therefore, the City has terminated the Special Event Agreement and Capital Hoedown organizers will not have the authorization to proceed with this event on City property.

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