Cruisin’ With Blake Shelton Playlist

With the days getting warmer and the date getting closer, us here at Keepin’ it Country got together to put together a list of our favorite beach-flavored tunes for the Blake Shelton Cruise. We’ll be aboard the biggest live country music event ever to set sail, and we want to help our fellow country music fans get ready for the party of the year!

The 7-night cruise leaves Miami on October 14th, then returns on October 21st after 7-nights at sea. You’ll visit San Juan, Tortola, Nassau, and St. Thomas over those fantastic seven nights. Not only will we be on-board, but so will some of the biggest stars in country music… Blake Shelton will perform twice during the cruise, and he’s bringing along some friends to perform and party with too. There’s so many great performers announced so far that it would take all day to list them here, so visit to book your cabin or for more information on the country music party of the year. If you mention Keepin’ it Country when you book your cabin you’ll receive a free gift from us on-board!

Take a look at our ultimate Blake Shelton Cruise playlist below, which we’ll be playing on our iPods as we board the beautiful Norwegian Pearl in October.  Leave us your suggestions and maybe your favorites might make our Cruise playlist part 2 at a later date.

Kenny Chesney ft. Uncle Kracker – When The Sun Goes Down

Almost any song from Kenny’s library could be chosen to fit in this playlist.. or make it up entirely! The king of country music summer anthems, Kenny’s “When The Sun Goes Down” might just end up being true on-board the Blake Shelton Cruise this year. The fun island-sounding track features Uncle Kracker. Is there anything better than hanging out at the beach all day at one of the ports (Tortola, San Juan, Nassau or St. Thomas), then going back on-board the ship to party the night away? I didn’t think so. This song is the perfect song for the port days during the 7-night cruise.

When the sun goes down, we’ll be groovin
When the sun goes down,we’ll be feeling alright
When the sun sinks down over the water
Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down


 Blake Shelton – Some Beach

How could we put together a list of ultimate Blake Shelton Cruise songs without putting one by the man himself? This is the song to listen to while you’re getting through your work or school day, so blast “Some Beach” loud and remember that pretty soon you’ll be on some beach somewhere. Just count down the days until the ship leaves Miami and remember that you’ll be going on the ultimate country music vacation pretty soon! As a bonus, check out Blake’s old mullet in the music video!

Some beach
There’s a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair
Palm trees are growin’ and a warm breezes a blowing
I picture myself right there
On some beach, somewhere


Alan Jackson Ft. Jimmy Buffett – It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

The legendary Alan Jackson teamed up with the king of beach music Jimmy Buffett in 2003 for the island drinking anthem “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.” The single was originally pitched to Kenny Chesney, who turned it down. It landed in Alan’s hands when he made it known he wanted to sing with Jimmy on a track. The gold certified single for the pair brings up a good point: that it’s always five o’clock somewhere, and on-board the NCL Pearl, it’s always going to be five o’clock! So get ready to grab yourself something tall and strong and sit back and enjoy the biggest country music party over 7 nights.

Pour me somethin’ tall an’ strong,
Make it a Hurricane before I go insane.
It’s only half-past twelve but I don’t care.
It’s five o’clock somewhere.


Jerrod Niemann – Shinin’ On Me

Our next song comes from one of the special guests on-board the cruise, Jerrod Niemann. The brand new single from his upcoming album due out later this year is a great song to help get you in the mood for the Caribbean sunshine and easy going attitude. We’ll also get to hear this song live on-board the ship when Jerrod performs live for the biggest country music fans at sea! His current single reminds us all to enjoy the sun shining on you out on the ocean or the beach, and forget about your troubles.

Today the sun is shinin’ on me
Sitting with my feet in the breeze
Ain’t sweating the little things
And who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring
But today, the sun is shinin’ on me


Frankie Ballard – A Buncha Girls

Frankie Ballard brings us our next song on our Blake Shelton Cruise song list. His single from his self-titled album out last year is dedicated to the girls who go out to party, and what it does to the boys. It’s a fun anthem by the guitar genius, who fans will see live on the ship. “A Buncha Girls” is dedicated to all the sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and best friends taking on the Cruise together – it will be one vacation to remember!

A Buncha Girls sitting on the deck, drinking fishbowl margaritas
A buncha girls down in Cancun, yeah some seven day senioritas
A buncha girls packed in a jeep, heading to the beach for the weekend
A buncha girls rockin’ out in vegas, ain’t got no time for sleepin’.


Zac Brown Band – Toes

You could get away with almost any song from the Zac Brown Band’s two albums, but we had to choose “Toes.” It’s one of the most-played songs on our iPods when the warm weather kicks in and there’s a good reason why: who doesn’t want to be sitting on a beach somewhere with their toes in the sand? You won’t have a worry in the world when you’re on-board the 7-night party with your fellow country music fans.

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand
Life is good today, life is good today


Brad Paisley – Water

The guitar god of country music named two tours after his single from “American Saturday Night.” We’ll be surrounded by “Water” on-board the beautiful Norwegian Pearl, and this fun little love song about water in all its various forms was an obvious choice for the Blake Shelton Cruise playlist. The gold-certified single went number one on the Billboard Country Singles Charts in Summer 2010. Brad might not be on the cruise himself, but he has connections: both Blake Shelton and Jerrod Niemann have opened for Brad over the last two years. (We don’t recommend you try to play your guitar in the pools on-board the ship, however).


Yeah when that summer sun starts to beatin’ down
And you don’t know what to do
Just go and grab someone you wanna see in a bathing suit
And drive until the map turns blue


Joe Nichols – Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off

Joe Nichols made one of the top country music party songs in 2005 on Universal South Records with “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off.” The funny little song, which a just-as-funny end to the music video, might just end up being too-true for a few fans during the Blake Shelton Cruise. Have a little laugh over the possibility, and make sure to add this one to your Cruise playlist too.

She don’t mean nothing – she’s just havin’ fun
Tomorrow she’ll say oh what have I done
Her friends will joke about the stuff she lost
Yeah, Tequila makes her clothes fall off


Little Big Town – Pontoon

Little Big Town’s newest single is a stand-0ut right now on country music. With a groovy little sound to it, it’s a fun summer song about a different kind of boat that you’ll be on, but it still fits. The dance-able song is about getting out a koozie, floating on the water, and just taking it easy on the water. They’re one of the most underrated groups in country music today, and their single is a perfect addition to any Blake Shelton Cruise play list.

Makin’ waves and catchin’ rays up on the roof
Jumpin’ out the back, don’t act like you don’t want to
Party in slow motion
Out here in the open

Sugarland – All I Want To Do

One of my personal favorite Summer songs comes from country music super-duo Sugarland. Their 2008 single on Mercury Records Nashville is a feel-good single about doing nothing but being lazy and sitting around with the one you love. “All I Want To Do” is a catchy little song that fits in perfectly with our list for everyone who wants to get on-board and do things at their own speed. This is the song to listen to when you’re lying on one of the ship’s outdoor decks under the sun and relaxing and bringing back that tan that everyone back home will be jealous of.

I got my whole life to change the world and climb the ladders
Looking at you looking at me is the only thing that matters
Come a little closer baby, we can talk without the words
Hang a sign on the door, please do not disturb
Let’s just lay here and be lazy, baby drive me crazy

Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup

Toby Keith’s fun single wasn’t supposed to be released to radio originally, but there’s really no looking back now. It’s become one of the biggest songs of the year all-genres, even appearing on Glee, and getting attention from Ryan Seacrest who named it the official Summer party anthem. “Red Solo Cup” is one song that gets stuck in your head and doesn’t leave. I was part of the Academy of Country Music performance of the single when Toby was in the crowd, and while there might not be a lot of Red Solo Cups on-board the ship, the sentiment remains the same… whenever country music fans get together, they always Proceed to Party.

I love you, red solo cup
I lift you up
Proceed to party
Proceed to party

Eric Church – Drink In My Hand

This final song on our part one is one for the younger crowd. Eric Church made this single as a tribute to his fans at his shows every night who always had their cups high in the air during his set. The rocking song is another reminder to forget your troubles and just have a good time on-board with some of the best fans, and artists, in country music this October. Eric’s song might just end up being the late night anthem for some during the 7 nights at sea. You can always try the hair of the dog that bit you if you’re a little hungover one morning!

Fill it up, throw it down
I got a 40 hour week worth of trouble to drown
No need to complicate it, I’m a simple man
All you got to do is put a drink in my hand

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