The Voice: Team Blake Recap – Week 9

The Voice kicked off their live shows last night!

The competition is now in full force with the fate of the contestants placed in America’s hands.

Each of the six members from Team Blake and Team Christina took the stage for a solo performance. Tonight, the votes will provide a bottom three from each team. Then, Blake and Christina will each save one contestant and two people from each team will be sent home.

Team Blake did a great job, and came out ready to win.

Continue reading for a recap and videos of their performances…

Jermaine Paul

Jermaine started the night with a rockin’ performance of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Jermaine is a top-notched performer and he surely knows how to grab an audience. I loved how he started the song rising from the floor in the audience and then was able to cover the whole room without missing a beat.


Next up for Team Blake was seventeen-year-old, RaeLynn. She took on Maroon 5’s “Wake Up Call” and gave it a country spin. I always enjoy when artists change up a hit song and give it a cool, new twist. It is especially great when the cover crosses genres. RaeLynn is currently the highest Team Blake members on the iTunes chart for her version of “Wake Up Call.”

Naia Kete

Naia performed Adele’s “Turning Tables.” There was question about whether she should have done a reggae version of the song, but I thought Naia sounded great and I really liked her version. She has such a cool sounding and unique voice, and I thought she had one of the better performances last night.

Jordis Unga

Joris was next for Team Blake, and she performed “Alone” by Heart. I have been a fan of Jordis since Rockstar: INXS, and “Alone” is one of my favorite songs. I thought Jordis and that song were the perfect match, and her vocals sounded back in full force. She definitely gave one of my favorite performances of the night.

Erin Willett

For Erin’s performance, she sang Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City” and she killed it. Blake said it was the best vocal of the night, and I agree with him. Erin has a natural, big voice and I love it. She was another one of my favorite performances.

Charlotte Sometimes

Charlotte Sometimes was the last member of Team Blake to take the stage. She performed Paramore’s “Misery Business” and she brought the house down. I thought she was awesome, and she just has such a cool sound to her voice. I would say that she and Erin were my top two from last night.


Awesome job, Team Blake!

What did you think of The Voice last night? What were your favorite performances?

Tune in to NBC tonight at 9/8c to find out the results of the votes.

Good luck to all of the contestants and go Team Blake!!

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