Tim McGraw and an Australian Fan

Whenever Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, tour together you know it’s going to be huge. The couple recently held an arena tour in Australia together, and we have a story from one of Tim’s biggest Australian fans on what it was like to meet Tim that day. Tameka Oldham, and her nine-year-old son, Kris, had been eagerly counting down the days until the concert like most fans Down Under. Tameka sent us her story, and some pictures, of country music’s biggest couple of the last decade. Read their story below and check out their pictures from the Melbourne date back on March 20th at the Rod Laver Arena, and see how a country music superstar made a little fan’s day. Do you have a fan story you want to share? E-mail us today and you might see yourself on Keepin’ it Country!

The night started with us meeting management and heading on down to the M&G for Tim, which to our surprise, he comes walking through the door holding Faith’s hand. They both greeted us with these HUGE warm smiles. My 9-year-old son Kris’ grin was equally as big and started talking Tim’s ear off. Tim started off joking around with Kris  telling him how much he has grown since he was in his “Felt Good On My Lips” video and that Kris should stop growing so fast. He then told Kris he wasn’t happy that he was better looking than him. It was then time for the photo, Faith stepped back and said to Tim “oh no its OK I think he just wants one with you.”

Tim then said to Kris “you would like to stand next to my beautiful wife, wouldn’t you?” So Kris had a photo with Tim, then Faith hopped in as well. We thought that was it but Tim & Kris were still talking. Their conversation then went on to Australian football; Kris asked who his favorite team was, to which Tim said “well I don’t really know all the rules… but on our last visit my wife liked the Saints.” Tim said that he cant go against his wife so has to go for the Saints. We then handed Tim the gift basket of mainly things from our home state of Tasmania. Tim smiled at Kris and asked if it was all for him and then said a big thank you and that he might have to put Kris in another video if it means getting cool gifts like he did.

We then headed up to our seats with the biggest smiles ever on our faces. First up was the Eli Young Band who was pleasantly surprising and would love to see more of them. Then out comes Faith, she sung around 6 songs by herself and had some really good moments. As soon as she started the song “Like We Never Loved At All” the crowd knew that Tim was on his way out.

At that moment everyone who had floor seats erupted with screams  and were up off their seats and standing. After a quick word to the crowd he was jumping all over the stage and he owned it. From the very first song until the end he had the crowd in the palm of his hands listening to his every word. He sung around 14 songs by himself and around 4-5 with  Faith. After Tim’s 14 songs, Faith came out to join Tim for the duets. To see the way Tim & Faith looked at each other and sung so beautiful together for “I Need You” was AMAZING. When they were just sitting there with only the one light shining on them and not jumping around you could hear the true beauty of both their voices. For me that would of been the best song of the night, as much as I LOVE Tim’s old favorites like “Don’t Take The Girl”, “Indian Outlaw,” “Live Like You Were Dying,” “Felt Good On My Lips,” it was “I Need You” that was a stand out for me.

Check out Tameka’s fan-pictures below. Click the image to see the full-size.


And, of course, Kris’ picture with Mr. and Mrs. McGraw:

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