Are You On Team Keith?

Our favourite Aussie, Keith Urban, is proud to be a judge on his country’s version of The Voice. The show, which premiered Sunday night (04/15), features some of the music industry’s favourites as judges, including Joel Madden, Seal, Delta Goodrem and of course, Keith.

This weeks episodes featured the first set of blind auditions. Keith welcomed some of Australia’s best onto his team, including: Adam Martin, Jimmy Cupples, Cam Tapp, Brett Clarke and Kelsie Rimmer.

Keith became interested in judging after his wife Nicole Kidman got him watching the U.S. version: “I got to know who Adam Levinis,” Urban said. “It made me hear his music differently. As an artist, I wanted the opportunity to have people see that side to me” (source: The Hollywood Reporter).

The show will continue on next week as Keith and the other judges make additions to their teams in the next set of auditions.

Check out Keith’s promo video for the show and be sure to check out Team Keith’s official page HERE.



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