RaeLynn Goes Live, Spends Sunday Online With Fans

After last week’s live show performance on The Voice that earned her a spot in the show’s Top 16, RaeLynn decided to a little live show of her own.  We’re not talking about TV or even a club gig.  This was simply RaeLynn spending part of her Easter Sunday connecting with her fans in a webcast.

Say what you will about the spunky 17-year-old from Baytown, TX, but she sure has fun.  She took the chat in every conceivable direction:  From her love of “boy bands” (especially One Direction and singer Harry Styles) to being disappointed in hearing Jake Owen got engaged (even though she said the 30-year-old Owen is pretty old) to talking about one of her friends getting a boyfriend.  She may be on her way to being a big star, but she’s still got a lot of kid in her.  That’s a good thing.

She sang little snippets of songs that fans requested and even gave some of them a huge thrill by calling them.  She even made a few surprise calls to some of her friends from The Voice so fans could hear from those people, too.  Unfortunately for her, one of those calls kind of backfired.  When she called former Team Blake member Jordan Rager, the fellow country signer didn’t know who he was talking with because he didn’t have RaeLynn’s number saved in his phone.   Oops!

As for answering questions, RaeLynn tried her best, but it was hard for her (or anyone watching) to keep up with the fast and furious flow from her fans.  Below are some of the her thoughts on various topics and answers to questions:

On her reaction to fans voting her into the Top 16 and what song she’ll be singing next:

“First of all, thank you if you voted for me.  I really appreciate it.  I’m so excited to be in the Top 16.  You’re gonna love the next song I’m doin’.  I can’t tell you what song it is, but you’re gonna love it!”

On being coached by Blake Shelton and mentored by Miranda Lambert:

“Isn’t he (Blake) amazing?  He is so cool!  He’s like the best coach ever!  He and Miranda have been mentoring me a lot.  Any time I get a new song she tells me what I need to do to work on it.  She’s just so cool!”

On her accidental slipping of a swear word during the Results Show.  She said it after being named the third of three Team Blake members that voters advanced to the Top 16.

“I’ve been getting so much crap about that!  I did say, “Oh, the s-word” after they called my name because it was so crazy!  First of all, I was sittin’ there with Charlotte, Naia and Jordis, who are amazing artists.  They all did good on iTunes.  I didn’t know who in the heck they were gonna pick.  So when they called my name, I think anybody would’ve said, “Oh, sh–!”  I mean, come on!  That was scary!  I’ve had a couple people criticize me for it, but stuff like that happens.  It was really funny because Miranda said that when she won Album of the Year.”  (For those who may not know, that happened in 2008 when Miranda won for her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend album.)

What does she think about being famous?

“I don’t know.  I don’t think of myself as famous.  It’s weird when people come up to me and are like, “It’s RaeLynn!” because I’m not used to it.  I’m just a normal girl with a dream.  It’s crazy.”

What does she think about American Idol country contestant Skylar Laine?

“I think she’s awesome!  I think she’s a badass, like me!  Me and her both are like that spitfire, badass that’s goin’ on in country music.  I admire that.  And I love rock-country and I think she’s gonna do really well!  She’s really great.  I really, really like Skylar Laine.”

Who’s more attractive:  Adam or Blake?

“Definitely, Adam.  Blake’s more like a big brother to me.”


Team Adam and Team Cee Lo take The Voice stage this week, so RaeLynn gets the week off from performing.  She returns to the stage for her next live performance on Monday, April 16.  We’ll find out if she moves on again during the results show on the 17th.

Catch future RaeLynn webcasts at her Ustream channel HERE.  Plus, you can keep up with her at her Facebook and follow her on Twitter @RaeLynnOfficial