Song Support: Nicolle Galyon Backs RaeLynn On “The Voice” With Her Voice

Shortly after Nicolle Galyon left The Voice, we asked her who she would be supporting on the show.  The singer/songwriter admitted she’s a fan of all the contestants, but her loyalties lay with RaeLynn.

It’s one thing to say you’re supporting somebody, but Nicolle’s taking it to another level by singing about her!  The former member of Team Adam posted the song “California” on her Facebook page with the caption:  “Any guess who this was written about??”  (If the lyrics don’t give it away, the link to The Voice voting page and the request for folks to vote for RaeLynn certainly do!)

You can hear the song below and also get a free download of it here.

Actually, the song has a double-shot of support from former contestants on The Voice.  Hailey Steele from the country duo The Line (formerly on Team Christina) sings the background vocals on the song.

For those who don’t know, Nicolle and RaeLynn met before this season of The Voice.  Fact is, it’s through Nicolle’s urging and encouragement that RaeLynn even auditioned for the show.  RaeLynn ended up on Team Blake, where she’s now in the Top 16 after wowing the voting public with her hip-swinging, boot-stomping version of Maroon 5’s “Wake Up Call.”  (See the video below.)  Now thanks to Nicolle, RaeLynn has a song of her own, even though it didn’t start out that way.

“I started this song with my friend Michael Davey and I/we never intended to write a song about RaeLynn,” says Nicolle.  “It really just started with that quirky dirty Wurlitzer lick and a story about a girl going to California.   Halfway into it I realized that we had laid the groundwork to write a song about RaeLynn. so we kinda backed up and approached the whole thing with her in mind.  I mean, that girl is a character and it’s really easy to write a song about a character!

“Like I’ve told her, now that I’m gone, it’s her responsibility to represent country music.  I’ve believed in her since BEFORE this show and I’m thrilled beyond belief to get to sit back and watch the rest of the world see what I’ve known for a long time about her.”

RaeLynn’s next performance on the Live Shows will be on Monday, April 16.  (Team Adam and Team Cee Lo take the stage this coming Monday.)  That gives RaeLynn a bit more time to work on her next song.  She’s already teased that performance by saying, “The Country is coming for y’all on the 16th!”  No matter what the song turns out to be, Nicolle knows the talented teen from Texas is going to blow people away.

“I think a lot of people underestimate the country artists and the country audience on these shows,” says Nicolle.  “I remember when there were still 200 people in the running to be on The Voice and I was telling everybody “THAT’S the girl to beat.”  A lot of the pop/rock contestants didn’t take me seriously.  I just thought to myself, “You’ll see.”  I know her.  I know the audience.  That girl is fixin’ to TAKE OVER.”

You can show your support for RaeLynn by liking her Facebook page and following her on Twitter @RaeLynnOfficial.  But the best way you can support her is to vote for her here after her performance on April 16th and by downloading the song on iTunes.