EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Katie Armiger

We had the chance to sit down with the very talented, and pretty, Katie Armiger. The young country music singer is a rising star on the charts, and who is often compared to Sara Evans and Martina McBride. Katie has been hitting the road hard the last year, including a “Get Smart” college headlining tour this year. Katie shares how she came up with that name, how excited she is over her single “Scream,” why she is more active on Twitter than Facebook, how she’d love to record with Blake Shelton and Keith Urban, and more.

Check out our exclusive interview with the very likable Katie below and get to know the young singer:

Your single “Scream” has been doing pretty good on the charts. Are you surprised by the success at all?

I think whenever a single does well it’s a surprise. Especially when it’s one that you write that’s so personal, and so close, that when it does well it’s always surprising. It makes you go “wow! they really like it!’. (laughs)

How has the reception for it been?

It’s been really great! Everybody that we’ve played it for seems to really, honestly, like it. Either that or they’re lying to me (laughs). The fans have been loving it. I get daily Tweets and messages about it all the time.

You’re pretty active on Twitter. Is it important to you to stay in contact?

Yes! I’m on Facebook as well. There’s some technical problems doing a public page on your phone, which is why I’m not on it so much. I always have some weird glitches. Twitter has been really great for the iPhone which I have. When I’m home or somewhere with a computer, I’m on Facebook. Public pages are just really hard for some reason to get on from your phone.

You’re going on tour this Summer.

I am! I actually started my “Get Smart” tour in March. I couldn’t decide what to call the tour, so I asked the fans and they came up with the name. It’s a college tour, so. It’s a little cheesy but I think cute. There’s just enough cheese. We’re doing over 50 shows, but a few are in the same city here or there. I’m headlining and I’m the only act.

Now, if you could tour with anyone you wanted… who would it be?

Oh wow.. I’d say Elvis or Patsy Cline.

Now if you could record with anybody?

Patsy Cline. I love Patsy Cline. Current… I’d really like to with Blake Shelton or Keith Urban. I’ve met Blake before and he’s great.

Is there anything you’re really, really hoping to accomplish this year?

Honestly, I would just say a lot of the goals for this year are wrapped up in the college tour. I’m just really, really wanting to see it succeed and do well. That’s my goal to make sure that it’s the absolute best tour that I can put on.

What can fans expect from the tour?

Well, it’s not going to be a full-band tour, it’s more of an acoustic theater thing. It’s going to be pretty neat. It’s more of like a CMT Uncut, that’s what it is. I think it’s really cool because they’re all going to be in these theaters and I can connect better with the fans.

Is there any song out on the radio that you wish you wrote?

That’s a really good question. I’m trying to think because there’s a lot (laughs). I would maybe go with like Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.” I really like the song and I think that it’s so powerful. My step-mom went to the CMA Awards with me and Martina performed it live there. One of my step-mom’s best friends had just died from breast cancer. It’s one of those songs that just hit home, and I really, really like that song.

Have you been able to sit back and reflect on everything so far, or is it all mostly a blur?

I don’t think it’s a blur. I think I definitely reflect on a lot of things, but there are some things that are a blur. This year I made my Opry debut and it was so amazing… but that was a blur because it was one of those moments where you’re anxious, you’re excited, and it goes by so fast. There’s always going to be moments that you sit back and reflect on for sure.

Speaking of your Opry debut… how was that to experience?

It was great (laughs). A lot of people from my family came out, and I’ve never had that much of my family here in town. It was so weird but so great. I usually only have one parent and one person visit me at a time, so it was a little overwhelming. It was so great.

What else can fans expect from you this year?

Ooh, definitely the tour. We’re working on a new album right now but I’m not sure if it will be out this year or next year. There’s no set date for it yet. I’ve been so busy, that I’ve just been trying to find time to write for it and be in the studio to record. You can’t make an album if you can’t be in the studio to record (laughs). I’m just trying to find time for that, we’ve recorded a few songs already, but we need a few more tracks.

And one fan question from Twitter… what’s your favorite ice cream?

That would have to be Vanilla Bean. But it has to be Vanilla Bean with either hot fudge with hot caramel, but Vanilla Bean.

[Katie’s manager: You can’t choose Vanilla and put something else on top. That’s cheating. Vanilla Bean is a cop-out.]

If it’s home-made Vanilla Bean.. I think that.. wait, you don’t even eat ice cream!

Katie’s next tour date is tonight with the Zac Brown Band in San Antonio, Texas. She’s performing at their pre-party. Her single “Scream” is available at digital retailers right now.

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