EXCLUSIVE: JT Hodges on Goodbyes Made You Mine & Album News

Showdog-Universal’s J.T. Hodges was named one of our artists to watch this year. We had the chance to catch up with J.T. back at CRS in Nashville and find out what exactly he’s been up to since we last spoke in January. His mixture of rock and country has helped him fit right in on the country music charts, and we are sticking by our prediction of big things for the energetic performer in 2012.

J.T. shared with us a little on his current single “Goodbyes Made You Mine,” which will have its music video premiere on CMT’s Big New Music Weekend this weekend. It’s the second single from J.T.’s upcoming album, due out later this year. We found out the release date to J.T.’s debut album on Showdog, so find out below in our little look at J.T’s new single and album below:

So you just released your brand new single.

I did! “Goodbyes Made You Mine.” There’s several stories behind writing it. I think we’ve all gone through one or two relationships that didn’t necessarily work out. When I finally met The One, my wife, in the very, very beginning I could tell that she had just gotten out of a bad relationship. I, myself, had just gotten out of a bad relationship. We were both kind of holding back. I think the inspiration for the song it’s basically about staring across at that special someone and saying “look. You’re holding back. Whatever it is that held you back in the past, you need to let go of that. Whoever it was that broke your heart, whatever it is that scares you.. all of that lead you to me. Goodbyes made you mine.”

That’s what the song is about. It’s about promises kept and that this relationship is different. I’m not the same old thing.

How’s your album going? Are you finally finished?

The record is done! It’s in the can. It’s looking to be released in July of this year. I’m very excited about it. It’s a diverse record and there will be a little bit of something for everyone on it.

Did you write most of the record?

I did. I co-wrote nine of the eleven songs. It’s me, it’s a great introduction to me.

Is there a stand-out track that you’re in love with, or is it all your favorite?

Each track has its own thing that I love about it. Lyrically, I think one of my favorite songs on the record is a song that I wrote called “Leave Me Later.” I think it’s kind of what country music is about. It’s a story, there’s something being told in the song and that’s what I love about country music. I think it’s my favorite for that. There’s some up-tempo, some rocking stuff. I think it depends on what kind of mood I’m in (laughs). One day this one is my favorite, the next day another track is my favorite.

I know you’re doing a few big festivals this year, but is there any plans for a big tour?

There’s a couple of touring opportunities we’re looking at for the Summer and Fall. I have a feeling¬† that it’s going to be a busy year.

Is there one thing you’re hoping to accomplish this year?

I think the one thing I hope to accomplish personally is to really focus on day-to-day, one day at a time, is to really focus on myself and better myself as an artist. Everything else will take care of itself if I do that.

Is there one thing that you miss the most when you’re not on the road?

Yeah, but one thing I like about the road is that there’s more opportunity for spontaneity. When you’re at home there’s more of a rhythm that you get into. You get into a daily routine, but out there on the road anything can happen. I think I kind of miss that kind of not knowing what each day will bring for you. Each day is a different day.

Last year, you finally had the chance to play at the Opry.

I did! Not only at the Opry, but at the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman. It was the best of both worlds. I remember walking out there and everybody was clapping for me. Little Jimmy Dickens said that it was my first time to play, that it was my Opry debut. I just kind of looked around and asked everyone to just let me have a moment to take it all in. There’s been ton of songs sang on this church of country music, I was just so honored to be able to add my story to the stage that night.

Make sure you catch J.T.’s new music video this weekend when it airs on CMT. J.T.’s debut album will be released in July, and make sure you keep us bookmarked to get the latest news on J.T. and his debut album. For now, check out the version of the song that he released during his ACM New Artist of the Year voting:


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