Josh Turner Releasing Album June 12th

After four number one smash hits with “All Over Me,” “Your Man,” “Would You Go With Me,” and “Why Don’t We Just Dance,” and over 5 million albums sold since his critically-acclaimed debut “Long Black Train,” Josh Turner is getting ready to release his fifth studio album “Punching Bag” on June 12th, 2012. The record features his current single “Time Is Love” as its lead-off single.

Josh co-wrote 11 of the tracks, most of which were penned in the cabin built on his property as a “writer’s cabin.” The inspiration for the cabin was Josh’s native state of South Carolina.

“I spent two years building my writer’s cottage. Once it was finished I was immediately in there writing songs. In total, I’ve written 27 songs in there and eight of those ended up on the record. My hero and friend, John Anderson, was sitting across the table from me one day when we were writing and said, ‘What will really be a great day is when the songs you write here end up paying for this place!'”\

It was in that exact cabin that Josh wrote the title track to the album, “Punching Bag,” with his friend Pat McLaughlin.

“The idea comes from one of those days that we all have, where everything just blows up in your face and nothing goes right. I had just had one of those days, and I came home and was standing in the closet with my wife and I unloaded on her about my day,” Josh tells AOL’s The Boot. “I told her, ‘Sometimes I feel like a punching bag, like life is just beating me up.’ When I said that, it struck me that it could be a huge song title. So I punched it into my phone and saved it. I held on to it until the right opportunity, [when I met with Pat McLaughlin].”

Check out the official cover album art for Josh’s new album below, and make sure to get your copy on its release June 12th:

(click image to get the full-size).

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