Carter’s Chord Sets Premiere For “Love A Little Bigger” Video

Carter’s Chord is aiming to inspire people to live up to the title of their upcoming video “Love A Little Bigger.”  The video makes its world premiere exclusively on VEVO this coming Monday, April 16.  The Show Dog-Universal Music group will follow the premiere with a live chat on Tuesday, April 17 to talk about the video.  The chat will be available on their Facebook page and their Ustream channel.

Carter’s Chord consists of siblings Becky Robertson, Emily Fortney and  Joanna Ott.  They recently took a trip to the Dominican Republic to shoot their music video in conjunction with international humanitarian organization World Vision.

The song, written by Emily, was inspired by a trip the group took to Guatemala where they experienced first-hand the poverty people in that area were living in.  “When we made the trip to Guatemala in 2009, we were struck by the amazing need for love that exists in this world,” says Emily.  “After returning home, I sat down one afternoon and wrote this song.  As artists, our hope for the world is that we all learn to ‘Love A Little Bigger’.

“We chose to partner with World Vision because we really believe in what they do as a company and wanted to do something through our music that would reach people on a global level.  Our partnership with World Vision allows us to play our music while also sharing with our fans how they can help a child in need.”

The video, shot by award-winning director, Chris Hicky was filmed in areas where World Vision is working to provide education resources, training and assistance to help the local people build better lives and featured some children who are sponsored through the organization.  While on the trip, the group was able to meet the child they sponsor in the Dominican Republic as well as her family.  The special moment was captured and incorporated into the music video.

“We want people to feel a sense of joy when they watch this video,” says Joanna. “Ultimately, we would love to get as many children sponsored as possible and if this video inspires people to get involved with World Vision, then we’ve done our job.  Hopefully people will take away a desire to look at their own lives and see what areas they could be loving a little bigger.”

Again, the video for “Love A Little Bigger” premieres Monday, April 16 exclusively on VEVO.  For now, we have the behind the scenes footage of their inspiring trip with World Vision to the Dominican Republic.

Here is a group picture of the entire team that made the trip:

Front row: World Vision US’s Lee Broadwell, Producer April Dace, SDUs Natalie Moore, CCs Becky Robertson, Carolay Montes de Oca Peralta, Director Chris Hicky, CCs Emily Fortney, CCs Joanna Ott, World Vision Dominican Republic’s Claudia Martinez, Back Row: TKO Artist Management’s Alan Good, WV USs Michael Bianchi, Agripina Peralta Brito, Director of Photography Dave Ogle, WV USs Mike Severson, WV USs Charles Dorris