Ronnie Dunn Teams Up With Sprint

Not only has Ronnie Dunn had one of the best singles of the past few years in “Cost Of Livin’,” but he’s also helping to give back to people who are living out the song. He’s teamed up with Sprint’s Assurance Wireless program to help those in need get free cell phones and 250 minutes to use for low income families. In using these free 250-minutes-a-month plans, people are able to stay in contact with potential employers, their families, and have their phones in case of emergencies. Ronnie believes that this is a great step to help out those who are suffering in the economic issues in the United States right now. He reflected on his family’s own hardship when he was a child:

“I remember the fear and insecurity of my father telling me he had lost his job. I was nine years old. My parents borrowed money from my grandmother to make a move so my father could get a job. You get to a point where so many things are out of control, and once you become unemployed, once you are bottomed-out, you need to have phone access or a regular phone number for a potential employer to call you back.”

Hear it from Ronnie himself in the video below and why he thinks this program will help American families who are going through hard times:

Assurance Wireless Soundbite from Point Media on Vimeo.

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