ALBUM REVIEW: CJ Field “Modern Day Cash”

CJ Field is a 25 year old singer/songwriter hailing from Massachusetts with a classic country/rock feel. His music is 100% original and his raspy voice makes it also unique in today’s world of mainstream country.  He has been compared to artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontagne, and Johnny Cash. Fittingly enough – his debut album is titled “Modern Day Cash”…how about that!

CJ’s voice is rugged, but soothing – which is where the rock and classic country feel comes in. While listening to “Modern Day Cash”, I found that it kind of took me back to my childhood. I grew up on country, loving some of the huge artists from back then, and CJ’s work reminds me of that time. Definitely real and relatable.

Modern Day Cash is the first track on the album, and the title of the CD itself. The song starts out with a strong hand-clapping beat, which leads into the beat of an electric guitar. The beat itself is catchy enough to stick in your brain for days. The song title is a tip off to the man and legend himself – Johnny Cash, as CJ looks for his own modern day “Man In Black”.

The Rain immediately jumped out at me on the first listen. CJ’s soothing vocals make this song relaxing and give it a somewhat romantic feel. The song starts out with the singer walking down a lonely road, when rain begins to fall, symbolizing went wrong in a past relationship.

Crazy Over You is a fun song with a great beat. It has a catchy summer vibe to it. A perfect song for young summer love.

When All Is Said and Done is a beautiful yet somewhat depressing tune – but don’t let that be a reason to skip it over when you’re in a happy mood. The singer has a regretful tone – what is done is done, and can’t be un-done deal.

Magic In A Bottle is a heart aching song, with some really great lyrics – and I think this is where CJ’s voice shines. He sings “I have magic in a bottle, perfect in my hands and trying to hold on to you like summer sand, slipping through my fingers.” One of those “What if I had done  this differently? Could I have loved you better” type songs.

In Fallin’, CJ sings about “free fallin”, or basically – falling in love and not knowing where he’s at feelings wise. “I hope I fall straight down to the bottom of your heart”.

On The Run is an upbeat tune about living on the road and performing. A lot of singers can relate to this song – always being on the run and never being home. It’s certainly not an easy lifestyle for anyone, and CJ speaks about this first hand.

CJ gets left behind in this next tune, and while he says he can’t say he didn’t see it coming – she was just another one of those Ramblin’ Women. He might attract the ramblin’ ones, but this twangy song might help tie them down.

Every country CD needs a song about drinking, right?  To Drunk (To Sing Along) is that song for “Modern Day Cash”. Don’t go home until you’re good and ready…and drunk.

We all need to let go of our troubles and Unwind, per se. I think that’s the vibe CJ is giving off with this song – let go, have fun, and unwind!

Louisa plays around with some vocal distortions. The song starts off with whispering followed by an instrumental rock electric guitar beat. There are both guy and girl vocals in the song, as they both repeatedly sing “Louisa, why you done left me alone?” in a haunting way.

Borderline is a slow-dancer, and the last track on the debut. CJ sounds vulnerable as he sings “I ain’t wise enough to know if I’m wise at all.” and “It’s all or nothing, on the borderline.”

Overall, I think “Modern Day Cash” is a strong debut for CJ. His lyrics are creative and touching; and while you may not picture or expect someone from Massachusetts to be popular in the country world – CJ just might be able to change that. So keep his name fresh in your mind, because I think you’ll see this Massachusetts fellow get somewhere!

Songs to check out: The Rain, Crazy Over You, Magic In A Bottle

Rating: 7.5/10

For more infomation about CJ Field head on over to You can purchase “Modern Day Cash” on iTunes.

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