RaeLynn: Having Miranda Lambert Wasn’t An Advantage

The Twitter world was all up in arms this week over the first two members of Team Blake going to the live shows. Fans on Twitter took notice that both RaeLynn and Jordis were coached by the wife of Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert. The two eliminated artists – Adley Stump and Brian Fuente, were both coached by Kelly Clarkson. During a teleconference yesterday, RaeLynn admits that she feels that having Miranda as her adviser during the first Battle Round episode that aired on Monday didn’t give her the edge over Adley.

“You know, I don’t think I did because Adley’s just as amazing as – I mean all of us on this show are – we’re all amazing. I think it was awesome that he brought in my inspiration to work with me and that such a blessing. But I don’t think it gave me -it made me more confident to have, you know, Miranda behind me and have her mentoring me. Knowing she was behind me made me 10 times more excited to do the battle, but I don’t think it really gave me an edge because she got mentored by Kelly Clarkson who she absolutely adores. So I think it was, you know, we both did amazing. I love Adley and Adley is so amazing and Adley’s going to great things.”

RaeLynn also says that her friends have nicknamed her the “Little Miranda,” and explains how Miranda is such an inspiration to the singer:

“You know, me and Miranda are a lot alike. I’ve had lots of girls message me on Twitter and call me little Miranda and it’s really funny because she’s inspired me so much.  I think me and Miranda are very similar in a lot of ways because we’re both really country. I can’t be anything but country. I can’t sing anything but country. I mean my whole team laughs at me when I talk, but it’s awesome because they love me, but, it’s just me and Miranda are a lot alike in a lot of ways but our voices are a little different. I think my voice is more of an old country sound but, you know, she’s inspired me and I love her rock country sound and that’s what I ultimately want to be. I think we do sound similar but we’re very different also so it’s really cool.”

RaeLynn has advanced to the live rounds which start in April.  She’ll be up for fan votes to decide which team has the best voice in America.  See who else makes the final Team Blake for the live rounds next week when The Voice airs on NBC at 8 pm EST.

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