Lex Land: The Voice’s Sultry Singer

The music business isn’t anything new to Lex Land.  But competing on a stage as big as “The Voice” certainly is.

The 24-year-old member of Team Blake works full-time as a singer/songwriter.  She’s already released albums and some of her original songs have appeared on TV shows such as “Private Practice,” “One Tree Hill” and “Castle.”   The native of Austin, Texas believes in using her time and talents to give back to others as she also works as a counselor/teacher at a rock camp for girls.

The sultry singer’s redition of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” got three of the judges to turn their chairs during the blind audition.  Cee Lo Green turned first, followed a split-second later by Adam Levine.  It took quite a while longer, but Blake Shelton finally turned his chair.  Blake may have been the last to turn, but as Land said in a conference call, he was always Lex’s first choice because of his coaching on the show — and potentially beyond it.

“Well, I did actually want to be on Blake Shelton’s team.  I thought that he was a really great coach last year and I felt that, regardless of the outcome of the show, if any coach was going to continue to support me and to mentor me with whatever happened that it would probably be him.  So I was thrilled when he turned around.  And in the heat of the moment, I wasn’t really sure who I was going to choose, but I ended up sticking with my initial feeling and I’m really glad that I did.”

Blake noted several styles in Land’s singing, while the other judges compared her sound to Sade and even Adele.  When asked who she thinks she sounds like, the singer is hard-pressed to answer.

 “It’s the question that I get frequently and I just am always just kind of at a loss. I listen to so much different music that I think it amalgamates and comes out as me. I definitely like take a lot of cues from Judy Garland as one of my all-time favorite singers, and Jeff Buckley is another one of my all-time favorite singers.”

Of course, being on the big stage of a smash show like “The Voice” instantly introduces you to millions of new fans.  Some of those fans, like Allison Sweeney from “The Biggest Loser” are now following her on Twitter and Facebook and the like.  The sudden frenzy of new fans (including the famous ones) is a top-notch treat.

“I would say that that’s probably the most exciting thing about this process thus far.  That’s not to say that singing in front of the coaches and getting their well-wishing and fighting over you and all that stuff isn’t exciting.  But to be able to build so much a career that I work so, so hard at all the time and have for a long time…to get a little bit of this boost, and you know, a new following, pointed towards, I guess, the career that I’ve already established is really, really rewarding and really validating and very, very exciting.”

Find out if that boost will continue to build through the Battle Rounds, which start Monday.   As part of Team Blake, Land will be mentored by both Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert.