Dia Frampton’s Double Concert Date Dilemma

Dia Frampton found herself with a bit of a dilemma:  Two shows booked on the same night.

The double-booking wasn’t Dia’s fault.  Instead, the blame belongs with Mother Nature.  Bad weather postponed her scheduled March 14 show in Reno, Nevada, where she was set to open for Blake Shelton and his Well Lit & Amplified Tour.  That show has now been rescheduled for this coming Sunday March 18.

Problem solved, right?  Wrong.  It turns out Dia had long since been scheduled to play a solo show that night at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California.

So now she has two shows booked on the same night.  Quite the dilemma.  It’s a tough call, but one Dia is handling with complete class.  Here is what she posted on her Facebook page:

Yes, Reno got rebooked on the same day of our night at the Troubadour.  It looks like no matter what, we’ll be disappointing someone. I wish I could be in 2 places at once… But, the troubadour has been sold out months in advance, & I know people have bought flights & hotels for that show….fans that have supported us for years.  So, I truly am sorry Reno.  I know you were expecting us too.  I hope we can go back there in April & make it up to you…dang snowy roads! But in a few days…I’m gonna be at the Troubadour.

I say kudos to Dia for sticking with the people who have stuck with and supported her throughout the years –even before she came to fame as the runner-up on the first season of The Voice.  By taking the Troubadour, she’ll be playing to a much smaller crowd.  But it will be her crowd.  One that she clearly cares for, respects and appreciates.

We’ll let you know when she schedules another show for Reno.  It probably won’t be with Blake, but if you live anywhere in the area, it will definitely be worth your time to see her.