Country Cast For “The Big Bang Theory”

March Madness is making me a little, well, a little mad.  It’s now been two straight weeks that basketball has bounced The Big Bang Theory from CBS’ Thursday night lineup.

Along with being a huge fan of country music, I (along with millions of others) am also a big fan of the show.  The cast may be perfect down to the last micro-particle, but I’m going to mess with it anyway with this little “waiting for a new episode” time killer.

I’ve decided to replace the show’s regular stars with country stars who might be good at getting their geek on.  (For those who are old enough to remember it, insert the Folgers Crystals reference here.)  Please know that I’m in no way calling out the coolness of any of the singers included in the casting.  If anything, it should be seen as an honor to be picked for a place in the ultimate geek squad.

Some of the cast members were picked because they kind of look like the originals.  Others were picked because of the attitude they would bring to the role.  One choice is simply for the comedy of forcing this person to play the part.  Will you are agree or disagree with the casting?  Or will you have some ideas of your own?

Continue reading to see the country cast of The Big Bang Theory:

Scotty McCreery as Sheldon Cooper:

Who better to play the winner of the prestigious Stevenson Award than the winner of American Idol?  In this role, Scotty could take his “The Trouble With Girls” to a whole new level.  The teen may not sound like Emmy award-winning actor Jim Parsons, so a baritone “Bazinga!” might be a bit bizarre.  We know Scotty had the talent to win Idol, but does he have what it takes to win at rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock?  (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click HERE.)

Danny Gokey as Leonard Hofstadter:

Once again, I dip into the world of American Idol for our casting.  What is it about Danny Gokey that makes him a lock to play Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki)?  Is it because he has the smarts to pull off playing an experimental physicist?  Or is it because he has the charm to capture the heart of the girl next door (or across the hall)?  Truth be told, it’s because of his glasses.  Who says looks don’t matter?

Kellie Pickler as Penny:

This makes three straight trips into the Idol pool.  I’m not saying there’s something geeky about the show…or am I?  Only this time the replacement could actually give the original a run for her money!  Kellie Pickler, with her comedic timing, presence and charm, is a natural pick to play Penny (portrayed by Kaley Couco).  Aside from the physical similarities, Kellie also closely mirrors the character’s back story:  Penny is from Nebraska, while Kellie is from North Carolina.  Penny works as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, while Kellie was a server at Sonic.  Penny longs to be an actress, while Kellie longed to be (and became) a successful singer.  Speaking of singing, who wouldn’t want to hear Kellie’s version of “Soft Kitty”?  (Learn the song here, but be warned:  there’s Vicks VapoRub action!)

Eric Church as Howard Wolowitz

Simon Helberg photo courtesy

At first glance, this might seem like a total mis-cast.  But is it really?  Howard might have been not so smooth (and often a bit creepy) with all of his lines for the ladies, but they just might work coming from someone as cool and in control as Church.  However, it would be hard for even Eric to top the “apology” version of “Bernadette” Simon Helberg’s character sang on the show.  Still, it would be fun to see him try.  (Experience the original version here.)  But there is one great Eric unknown:  Does he like brisket?

Blake Shelton as Rajesh Koothrappali:

It’s almost impossible to picture Oklahoma native Blake Shelton in the role of a particle astrophysicist from India (brilliantly portrayed by Kunal Nayyar).  Then why Blake for this role?  Simply because from what we all know about Blake, it would be hysterical to see him in a role where he has to get drunk just to be able to talk to women.  In real life he has the drinking part down, but problems speaking to women?  Right!  Come to think of it, if Eric isn’t available, maybe Blake would work for the Howard Wolowitz role, too.

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