VIDEO: Carrie Underwood Gives A Sneak Peek At Her “Good Girl”

It would appear Carrie Underwood is just as excited as her fans are for the release of her new single, “Good Girl.”  So much so, that she’s even leaking a little bit of the song herself.

The highly anticipated single isn’t due to hit radio for another two days (Feb. 23).  But that didn’t stop Carrie from giving us an advance taste of the tune.  As the singer jokingly says, “What are they gonna do to me?”

She posted this video that she shot during the final days of her working on her new album.  As she takes us into the control room, we can hear part of the song, which, as you will hear, is really rockin’!

Carrie’s new album, produced by Mark Bright, will be released on May 1st.  The album still doesn’t have a name.  But it’s a safe bet that we will be calling it her fourth straight album to debut at #1.