Reba McEntire Death Hoax

After a weird internet rumor was spread this week, Big Machine has finally decided to end the hoax about Reba McEntire. The label has released a statement to finally kill those rumors and make sure that everyone knows that Reba is very much alive:


“Contrary to ludicrous reports, Reba has not passed away, nor was she even in Austria at the time of her alleged death. Global Associated News, who devised this latest celebrity hoax, is an entertainment site that generates ‘totally fake articles based on zero truth.’ Reba is alive and well, but would like to thank her loyal fans for their concern.”


Reba herself couldn’t resist putting her own two cents in on Twitter and Facebook:


“There is a rumor going around that I died after falling off a mountain in Austria yesterday while shooting a movie. While I would love to be shooting a movie in Austria, I definitely did not fall off a mountain! Nor am I dead! I am alive and kicking!!! Most of you know this already because I’ve been giving you daily accounts of Shelby’s race. Oh well. Have a great day.”

Fans can catch Reba on NBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are” documentary on March 2nd.

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