Marlee Scott Mashes It Up

We’ve got a special spot in our hearts here at Keepin’ It Country for Canadian country artist Marlee Scott. Although she is out promoting her new single “Train Wreck”, she still finds time to reach out to her fans through a series of Youtube videos. While her one series “Make It or Bake It with Marlee Scott” garners some giggles and provides some great recipes, her “I Love This Song” series is really neat.

With four videos down so far, Marlee finds a way to tie two mainstream songs together and covers them, usually sans backup. In fact, one of the videos features Marlee sitting on a hammock with her dog nearby as she plays a mashup of two 90s hits: “Baby One More Time” and “I Want It That Way”.

Her latest video in this series blends together two songs from fellow Canadian artists: “Wish You Were Here” by Avril Lavigne and “Next 2 You” by Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber. With the support of Jay Riehl on drum box and Stephan Laplante on guitar, Marlee strums her own guitar along to that refreshing and sweet voice of hers.

Can we just say we love these mashups?

Watch the video here and be sure to leave a comment telling us how much you love it too!

Marlee’s current single “Train Wreck” is available on iTunes now. Find out what Marlee had to say about the song in our EXCLUSIVE interview with her in January.

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