The Cuteness Of Kimberly Perry

The thing about being in an all-family band is that your band mates are bound to have lots and lots of pictures of you.  And they might get around to sharing those pictures.  Such is the case with The Band Perry and this cute pic of a young Kimberly Perry.

The picture was posted on TBP’s Facebook page.  We don’t know if it was put up by Neil, Reid or even by Kimberly herself.  What we do know is that it shows that Kimberly knew what she wanted to do from even a super-young age.  The caption on the pic says:  “Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Miss Kimberly Perry (at age 5). :)”

Kimberly is now 28, which means the pic was taken about 23 years ago.  That puts us at around 1989.  That means she could be singing Garth Brooks’“If Tomorrow Never Comes,” or “Deeper than The Holler” by Randy Travis or, and this would be kinda funny, Dolly Parton’s “Why’d Ya Come In Her Lookin’ Like That.”