REVIEW: Blake Shelton – Drink On It

Blake Shelton is as hot as hot can be right now. The Oklahoman has had hit after hit, with five consecutive number one singles. His sound on each single, however, is never the same: he can go from party anthems like “All About Tonight” to a sweet love song like “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking.” Right now, country radio is Blake’s world and we just live in it. There’s nothing stopping him from taking over the charts, and his latest release “Drink On It” from his album “Red River Blue” won’t be the song that breaks that trend.

“Drink On It” is a groovy little song, and one of my favorites from his latest record. It’s cute, it’s catchy, and it’s a quirky little release from Blake. It might be my favorite single from the superstar since “Home”. Known for his sense of humor, it’s a different side of Blake on display in the song – but it works perfectly! Blake’s smooth, so smooth, that he can sing about buying a few drinks for a woman and taking her home without being too forward or corny. That’s quite a feat, yet it’s still so Blake who is known for his flirting and drinking on Twitter.

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Blake is always an interesting artist to watch. He’s not afraid to release something that might upset some listeners (“Kiss My Country Ass”) or release a sweet love song (“Who Are You When I’m Not Looking”). He’ll say what he wants, when he wants to, and however he wants to say it. Maybe that’s why radio was afraid to play him for the better part of his career, but now he could sing the alphabet, record it, and it would go number one.

With someone having such a comfortable spot on radio you would guess that mediocre material would be the easy way out: not so for Blake this time around. “Drink On It” is a song that even country music fans that aren’t such a fan of the loud singer can enjoy. He’s happy, confident, and comfortable where he is and it shows. He’s found his identity with his new album. Blake’s always been more of a single-seller than an album-seller, which is the opposite of his wife, Miranda Lambert. This might not be the single to change that trend, but it should be a solid seller for the Oklahoman.

“Drink On It” is like enjoying a glass of Sweet Tea on a warm summer’s day. It’s comforting, refreshing, and easy. The co-write by Jessi Alexander, Rodney Clawson and Jon Randall is a guaranteed hit. There’s no way it doesn’t hit number one. Even with the overload of “drinking” songs out at radio, this is a stand-out and easy to listen to. The only question surrounding the single is if Blake’s “The Voice” fame will help the single cross-over to A/C markets. It’s a song that doesn’t get old fast, and a catchy little groovy tune that you’ll find yourself singing along to.

“Drink On It” is at country radio now.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

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