Ticket Time For A Fast (But Not Furious) Kellie Pickler Fan

Getting a signed copy of Kellie Pickler’s 100 Proof proved pricey for one fan in North Carolina.

On Saturday, Kellie spent six hours at Best Buy in Kennesaw, GA meeting with her fans, taking photos and signing copies of her new album.  Then on Sunday, she headed to a Wal-Mart in Monroe, NC where hundreds of fans camped out all night just to get the chance to meet the NC native.  Kellie spent more than nine hours signing CDs and taking pictures with her home-state fans.

One of those fans was so eager to meet the country singer that he got his first speeding ticket on his way to meet her.  The cop who gave him the ticket showed up to Kellie’s signing and even posed for a picture with both Pickler and the guy who received the ticket (see below).  Kellie signed the kid’s ticket “Slow Down (or don’t get caught).” 

Tomorrow Kellie will be in New York City where she’s set to perform on ABC’s “The View.”  Hopefully she and all her fans arrive at the studio safe, sound and free of speeding tickets.