The Roys & Vietti Foods Extend “Vietti Vinyl” Campaign

Elaine Roy, Vietti Foods Company, Inc. President Philip M. Connelly and Lee Roy.

Award-winning brother-and-sister bluegrass duo The Roys have extended their partnership with Vietti Foods for the Vietti Vinyl campaign. The campaign will see the duo’s image on 500,000 cans of the brand’s “Family Style Beef Stew” in Family Dollar stores in 25 different states across the United States throughout 2012. The Roys are the first artists to find their place on the company’s Beef Stew labels. Previous stars featured on another product of the brand include Chris Young, Bo Bice, The Isaacs, John Corbett, and Riders In The Sky.

On partnering up with the company for the campaign, Elaine Roy had to say:

“We are beyond excited to join the Vietti Family. The company is dedicated to the creation of a superior product and active in several charities.”

The Roys are the two-time ICM Duo Of The Year (2009, 2010), and were named the organization’s Inspirational Bluegrass Artist Of The Year in 2011. Their latest album has seen both critical and chart success, earning the duo a spot on Billboard’s top 50 Bluegrass albums of 2011.

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