Jessie James Readies New Music

Showdog-Universal Music has partnered with Mercury/IDJ to release brand-new music from Jessie James this year. Her new single “When You Say My Name” will be released to iTunes on January 31st, 2012. The song was produced by Mark Wright. A music video for the single directed by Kristen Barlowe will follow shortly.

“It was an honor to work with such a legend like Mark Wright.  Everything came together so easily and so natural with him.  He is such a fun guy and we had a blast making this record; I’m glad to have the support of him and the Show Dog-Universal Music staff, they’ve become like family to me.

While Jessie may have born in a military field in Italy, she has been ready to perform since she was two years old when she was singing into a toy microphone and tape recorder. When she turned nine she had already been composing her own music on a plastic guitar and performing in front of large audiences at Sea World’s opening. She’s also performed at the Republican Convention.

“I remember hearing a demo on Jessie a few years ago and being very impressed with what a big voice she had for such a young girl,”  said Mark Wright, President Show Dog – Universal Music. “I followed up, only to find that Mercury in New York had signed her.  I was so excited to hear from my friend and colleague David Massey at Mercury that Jessie had always considered herself a country artist and would I consider joining forces with him to launch her into the country market. I am proud that SDU and Mercury/IDJ can jointly bring you this exciting, new, soon-to-be superstar.”

Jessie recently premiered the single on Perez Hilton. Check out the single here on Perez’s site and make sure to let us know what you think!

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