DVR Alert: Gloriana To Premiere “(Kissed You) Good Night” Video

This Friday the 13th will be special instead of scary for the members of Gloriana.  That night the band debuts their music video for (Kissed You) Good Night.

The exclusive world premiere takes place during a broadcast of A Walk To Remember on ABC Family.  The movie starts at 8:30pm ET/PT.  When is the exact time for the video?  You’ll just have to watch – or record it!  (We call it a DVR Alert for a reason!)

The video stars Megan Park from The Secret Life of An American Teenager and the upcoming A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song.  That second features premiers on ABC Family January 22nd.  And now it should be perfectly clear why the Gloriana video is having its world premiere on ABC Family.

Naturally, Gloriana has always been about family.  The band consists of brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, along with Rachel Reinert.  (Kissed You) Good Night was written by Tom Gossin and Josh Kear, who wrote Before He Cheats for Carrie Underwood and Need You Now for Lady Antebellum.  The song is just starting to make a dent on the charts and the video will certainly help its positioning.

We’re still waiting for the other big news from Gloriana:  the release date of their upcoming album, A Thousand Miles Left Behind.  As of this moment, all we know is that it will be out sometime this spring.