Pistol Annies Heading Out On The Road

Pistol Annies. photo credit: Access Hollywood.

The Pistol Annies are heading out on the road for a small headlining tour of their own over the next few days. Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley and Miranda Lambert will appear at a handful of club shows for the first time as a trio. Our very own Ted Efron and Jessica Crans will be at the Las Vegas show and will report back on the trio’s headlining performance next week.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Angaleena Presley, who spoke to us about touring plans next year as a group, her solo project, if we’ll see a second single from the girls together, and what to expect from their headlining shows next week.

Check out the picture below that two of the Pistol Annies had just tweeted, which features some of Miranda Lambert’s band, turned Pistol Annies band, in the background:

Pistol Annies' photo Two pistols and a bunch of firecrackers in a van rollin to oklahoma to pick up another pistol... POW POW west coast. We're comin' for you!!!!



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