Pistol Annies Second Single?

In our exclusive interview with Angaleena Presley of the Pistol Annies, we asked her if there would be a chance for a second single from the trio’s debut album “Hell On Heels.” In the same interview, she admitted that the Annies were testing the grounds last week with their first-ever three headlining dates to see if there was a real interest in the group for a possible future tour. She says that the group will make it’s touring return in May at festivals.

Angaleena says that there was discussion about a possible second single from the album:

“Not sure,” she tells Keepin’ it Country. “We’re talking about it and Miranda’s kind of out doing her thing right now for “Four The Record.” She kind of has to turn around and back into her, you know, turn back into Miranda Lambert for a while. She just put her record out, and she’s going to tour for the Winter and early Spring then we’ll be back out in May to do a bunch of festivals and stuff.”

When asked what her pick would have to be for a second single, she admits it’s one of the fan favorites:

“Well, I’m a little biased but I would totally pick “Lemon Drop.” I wrote that song and just feel like, you know, a lot of women can relate to that song. Maybe even men can relate to it. It’s about just getting by and keeping the faith, and knowing that someday all this hard work is going to pay off. I like the message in that song.

What would you pick as a second single from the Pistol Annies?

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