Garth Brooks To Tour Again?

In an interview with Vegas Deluxe, Garth Brooks  admitted that he’d love to be able to tour again with his wife, Trisha Yearwood, once his kids have moved out and he would be “guilt-free.” His youngest graduates in 2014, so Garth fans may be waiting a few more years for that tour, however.

R.L.: You mentioned the tour possibly starting up again. When do the kids finally get out of your hair, even though it sounds like you don’t want them to?

G.B.: I don’t think you ever stop being a parent, but when we become empty nesters, well, my youngest graduates in May of 2014. So, we become empty nesters right around then, and who knows. Our business, as you know, this business is very fickle, so there might not be a hole for us. But if there is, I would love to tour again for the first time ever without guilt from being away from either your spouse or your children. Now my children are off doing their own thing, and my spouse is with me. You know we’re together on tour, so I think that would be all the fun things.

In the same interview, Garth also discusses if he has a desire to record a new album after 2014 when he’s an “empty nester.” He doesn’t feel like the current country music business is set up to have a “successful” album, and says that he doesn’t see many of what he would consider to be successful albums out right now, so that may stop him from releasing another album anytime soon.

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