Carrie Underwood on 2012 Plans, Children, Winning Awards, and Country American Idols

Backstage at the American Country Awards in Las Vegas this past Monday night, Carrie Underwood visited the press room after her multiple guitar wins for the night, whispering to herself  ‘Don’t fall, don’t fall’ as she walked carefully onto the stage with her dazzling silver and purple shoes. She dished on several different subjects including her plans for 2012, chances of having children in the near future, winning awards, and on more and more country stars coming out of American Idol. Her responses are below.

On plans for 2012:
“An album, of course, in the beginning part of 2012. I’m actually finishing up work on that this week and next week. I’ll have something in my hand and I’m so excited about it because I think these are the best batch of songs and this is going to be the best album. I’ve always been reluctant to say that before, I guess, because I guess, I don’t know, I was waiting for something super, super special and I feel like I’ve got it. So new album, new tour – which we’ll be putting together pretty soon. And I’m just really excited. I think we’re going to surprise ourselves.”

On having a baby:
“Next year being so busy and I think 2013 is probably going to end up being pretty busy, as well. And my husband’s hockey schedule is absolutely insane. I really think it would be a bad idea. ‘Sorry, honey. You’re not going to see the kids for a couple of months because we’re all going on tour’. I just don’t think that would be really fair. And we’re not ready. We’re enjoying each other and spending time with each other and just having fun and being silly.”

On winning awards:
“I’m always just amazingly grateful and always shocked and so happy when I get to take home any award. Because they are fan voted, it’s kinda like “Aw! You guys! What are you doing?’ It makes me feel really good. Especially because I feel like I’ve had such a great support network throughout my whole career. And to still be winning fan voted stuff is really special.”

On more and more American Idol contestants being country singers:
“Obviously we see a lot more American Idol people in country music ever since I’ve been on the show. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that country music has really opened their arms to it. I think it’s really, really wonderful that America is voting for these country music singers. It’s kinda like country music has always been so amazingly popular, but not as many people noticed as they should have. I feel like being on a show like American Idol with so many different genres of music, singers and very talented people, country music’s totally kickin’ butt! It makes me very proud and very happy.”

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