Brad Paisley Launches Lawsuit Against Label

Here’s a piece of news no one was really expecting.  Nashville Gab is reporting that Brad Paisley partially lost a lawsuit against Sony Music Nashville over royalty disclosure. Brad claims that the label hasn’t been truthful in giving him the royalties he’s been owed on the songs he’s been writing since 2002. Sony didn’t hand him the paperwork to prove their numbers were correct, so Brad’s last option left was to sue.

Turns out, Brad had signed a contract that only allows him to object to royalty payments since January 1st, 2006 and nothing earlier that that.

“I think I’m pretty much obligated to follow the limitations period,” Judge Kapnick said during a hearing in her downtown Manhattan courtroom. “Once you miss the time, I really don’t think I have very much discretion.”

Brad might never know how much money he’s really missed out on since 2002, but I have it feeling it won’t be pretty. His lawsuit was not for the royalties, but for the paperwork so his team could properly audit the royalties the label owed him.

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