Review: The Band Perry “All Your Life”

The Band Perry, the hottest sibling trio in the music world, has had quite a year. Though the entire county knows them as the “If I Die Young” singers, (And with good reason. It took me months to move on to the rest of the album.) The Band Perry has proven that they plan on being more than just one-hit wonders with “All Your Life,” the fourth single of their self-titled debut album.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

The line might have come from the romantic comedy movie Notting Hill, but it seems to perfectly sum up “All Your Life” as well. The sweet lyrics are about just that; a girl asking a boy to love her like she’s his whole world. Written by Brian Lee and Clara Elizabeth Henningsen, the song is full of platitudes that take out some of the complexities of love and leave only the hope and longing in its most basic form.

The group’s delivery of the material is perfect. It comes across as straightforward, honest and pure, which exactly mirror the song’s sentiments. Kimberly, of course, stands out, but the boys also step up, providing full harmonies.

The track itself shouldn’t be extraordinarily surprising to fans of the group, though something this perfectly simplistic is refreshing amidst what sometimes feels like a sea of overproduced mixes and forcefully bombastic vocal performances heard on country radio today. The instrumentation in particular is probably the most unexpected part of the song and is most fun when it works to build a hint of drama leading into the bridge.

“All Your Life” is a solid single, though it doesn’t really move the group into any new territory. (Fourth singles rarely do.) It does just enough to whet listeners collective appetite for a new album from the trio.

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