Vince Gill Speaks Out Against Country Radio Ageism

When someone like Vince Gill speaks, you listen. After releasing what he calls his “best album” in “Guitar Slinger,” Vince is worried that the average country music listener won’t be able to hear it and it’s not any fault of his own. The average country music fan picks up on what mainstream radio plays, and he worries that his material will never make it mainstream. In an interview with the Associated Press, Vince explains how he hates that radio today won’t play Merle Haggard or George Jones anymore because of their age.

“If they’re not as good, if the records aren’t as great, if the crap coming along is better, great. That’s all I ever wanted any of the people coming along to be was great. But if you get replaced by what you feel is not even close to as good, that messes with you, I guess.”

Vince is 54, and the only artists on mainstream radio right now in their 50’s that get airplay are Reba McEntire and George Strait. His current album is the follow-up to his Grammy award winning “These Days,” and this record is one that he considers to be a deeply personal album. He speaks out against how radio today is all youth driven:

“How’re we going to stay young? How’re we going to stay fit? How are we going to be relevant? Blah blah blah blah blah. It’s just how we’ve chosen to be as a culture, so none of it surprises me. What I find the most interesting is by that push towards that, you’ve alienated your core audience, to me.”

Read the full, interesting, interview HERE and let us know what you think… is country radio unfair to play artists based on their age?

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