Video Picks Of The Week: November 25, 2011

Hey friends! It’s time for our “Video Picks of the Week!”

If you missed last week’s kick-off post, “Video Picks of the Week” is our new weekly feature where we will choose three videos: an official music video, a live performance video, and a song cover video.

Music Video

This week’s music video is Jake Owen’s number one hit, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.” The song was the lead-off single to his current album of the same title. His video for his current single, “Alone With You” is set to be released soon.

Live Performance Video

Our live performance video is Reba McEntire singing “She Thinks His Name Was John” at the 1994 Billboard Music Awards. The song was the second single off of her “Read My Mind” album and sparked controversy at the time for its subject matter. “She Thinks His Name Was John” is about a woman who contracts HIV after a one night stand. It is a powerful, heartbreaking song sung by one of the best musical storytellers in the business.

Cover Song

The pick for cover song this week goes to singer-songwriter, Ashley Arrison. This video is Arrison’s beautiful version of Miranda Lambert’s “More Like Her.” If you have not heard the talented Arrison’s music, you must check it out. It is available on Itunes! You can follow her on Twitter: @ashleyarrison, and stop by her Facebook page:

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