VIDEO: Newest Additions to Nashville’s Walk Of Fame

Reba McEntire presented both Alan Jackson and Kix Brooks their respective stars on Nashville’s Walk of Fame in a ceremony on Sunday, November 7th.

Jackson said, “When I think about driving down Music Row 20 years ago with a paper sack full of songs, I never could ever imagine standing in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame in the heart of Nashville, the heart of country music and having ‘em put my name down on this concrete.”

Kix, just as humbled, told the crowd, “I don’t know necessarily if I deserve [a star], but I gotta tell you, I’m really proud of it.”

Reba commented on her good friend receiving the honour:

“He’s a very intelligent businessman, he’s a firecracker on stage and he’s a famous practical jokester … I can honestly say the world is better by having Kix Brooks in it. Country music is better by having Kix Brooks in it.”

Watch footage from the ceremony here!


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