Tim McGraw Heading To Court Tomorrow

Looks like all the trouble between Tim McGraw and Curb Records is finally about to wind down. Tim is headed for court tomorrow to find out if he can record new material while in the middle of a fierce legal battle with his record label. Tim’s attorneys are asking the judge to grant permission for Tim to record new music for another record label while his contract is in dispute with Curb, reports the Tennessean.

It’s the first actual face-off in court between Tim and Curb tomorrow. Mike Curb, head of Curb Records, originally filed the lawsuit claiming breach of contract because Tim’s latest album “Emotional Traffic” came out too soon after his previous and was not fresh enough. Tim filed a countersuit claiming that it was Curb’s own fault for releasing Greatest Hits albums instead of allowing Tim to release new material.

In his current contract, Tim has to wait at least 18 months in-between releases before he can issue a new record. This would grant Curb Records five albums in twenty years. The full trial on the suits won’t take place until July. Curb did not release Tim’s “Emotional Traffic” album, but he did go on the “Emotional Traffic Tour.”

Who do you think is right? Tim or Curb?

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