Sugarland’s Kristian Bush performs annual solo show

Both members of super-group Sugarland kept plenty busy over the weekend. Lead singer Jennifer Nettles made waves in the country music community this morning with the announcement that she tied the knot with longtime BF (and former model!) Justin Miller.

Meanwhile, the other half of the duo, Kristian Bush, focused on more music related endeavors, playing his annual solo show at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA. Bush was joined onstage by longtime friend and collaborator Ellis Paul and Bush’s real-life brother and musician in the SugarBand, Brandon.

The show was a bit different than an average SugarShow. The stage was smaller, the setlist was a bit more varied and, as Bush learned the hard way, a guitar tech was NOT in the house when one of his strings broke during the first song.

Sugarland’s official site hinted at the possiblility of show audio next week, but until then check out the full set lists (including some incredible sounding mash-ups!) after the jump:

Early Show
City of Silver Dreams (KB)
(Guitar string change)
Rose Tattoo (EP)
Put It Back Again (KB)
Dragonfly (EP)
Maybe Baby (KB)
Snow in Austin (EP)
Incredible Machine/Insomniac (KB)
The Lights of Vegas (EP)
Can’t Stop the Sun From Going Down (KB)
Kick Out the Lights (EP)
Halfway Home (KB)
“The Night the Lights Went Out on Christmas” – a poetry reading (EP)
Gold and Green (KB)
Mother Mary (EP – unfinished)
I’ll Never Run Out of Ways (KB)
Home (EP)
What I’d Give (KB)
Jukebox On My Grave (EP)
Wilbur the Rat/All Things Being the Same (both)

Late Show
City of Silver Dreams (KB)
Little Wood Guitar (EP)
Genevieve (KB)
Take All the Sky You Need (EP)
Walk Alone (KB)
Maria’s Beautiful Mess (EP)
Little Miss (KB)
Once Upon a Summertime (EP)
Maybe Baby (KB)
Mother Mary (EP – unfinished)
Chief Joseph (EP)
I Fall All the Way (KB)
Annalee (EP)
Insomniac/Incredible Machine (KB)
Hurricane Angel (EP)
Bluelight/Fall On Soft Ground (KB)
Wilbur the Rat (KB)
Waking Up to Me (EP)
Gold and Green (KB)

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