REVIEW: Luke Bryan “I Don’t Want This Night To End”

Luke Bryan is back in the role of a frat boy obsessed with a hot girl on “I Don’t Want This Night To End,” the new single off Tailgates & Tanlines. While sweeter than “Country Girl,” the general idea of the song is the same. Boy sees hot girl. Boy wants to hang out with hot girl. If boy is lucky, boy will hook up with hot girl.

It’s getting hard to buy into the idea that Bryan, a married 35-year-old with two kids, is still singing (and writing) about hooking up with a girl in his truck on a random night.

Setting reality aside, the song is a great listen. The chorus is instantly singalongable (yes, I’m declaring that a word) and Bryan is excellent. His voice is strong to begin with, but his delivery is also fantastically distinctive and heartfelt. That kind of vocal swagger is sure to make women everywhere wish that they were in his truck for a night.

The production is also light and fun. Built around a simple but effective chord progression, the song doesn’t deviate much, but manages a Maroon 5-esque guitar solo in the middle, which pumps up to the energy and and adds dimension to the track.

Bryan’s content choice at this point in his career may be suspect, but as long as he’s churning out catchy hits, we’ll stay on the Bryan bandwagon.


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