Joe Nichols Cut by Cut & Hear His Whole Album For Free!

It’s only a week left for Joe Nichols fans waiting for his new album. He’ll be releasing “It’s All Good” on Tuesday, November 8th on Showdog-Universal Records. For those fans not wanting to wait, you can stream his entire album for free on his official website until Friday just by submitting your e-mail address to join his newsletter. We have the cut by cut of “It’s All Good” by the former ACM and CMA New Artist Of The Year.  Read the story behind each song on the album and why he’s proud this time around:

TAKE IT OFF — This is the quintessential summertime song, and the video sums up all the good things about it–fun, user-friendly, and not too complicated. It’s a song that let us make a good summertime video with some pretty girls in it. The fact that it got to a million plus views says a lot about how fun and how accessible it is.

THE MORE I LOOK — This is probably the most rocking track on the album. It definitely says party time on a Saturday night. It’s basically about going to a bar, seeing something you like–and not being able to take your eyes off it. It’s one of those songs that make live audiences say, “That’s my song!”

SOMEBODY’S MAMA — It’s a cool, edgy kind of track that’s a little bit of a story song. It’s just an incredible lyric about a guy who misses his one and only from years back and he’s missing her but knows she’s probably moved on with her life. A lot of people have that person–the one that got away, the one you wonder what they’re doing right now. We’ve all been there from time to time.

IT’S ALL GOOD – This song sounds like something from a mid-80s or early 90s George Strait record, with twin fiddles and a nice easy feel. I call it music that makes you want to sit on the front porch and rock in the rocking chair. Nothing too complicated.

THIS OLE BOY — It’s a fun track, another Dallas Davidson song that rocks a little and swings a little.

I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU — One of my favorite songs on the album. Dan Tyminski and Alison Krauss did the harmonies. I think they made it sound incredible. It feels like a retro song, like something from the late 80s with that great twin guitar ride in the middle.

NO TRUCK, NO BOAT, NO GIRL – This is more of a guy song. I think it’s funny. There are a lot of country songs around about losing your truck and your girl. This one just adds your boat to it, so you’ve got the guy sitting by the water wondering what he’s gonna do now.

NEVER GONNA GET ENOUGH — When I listen to the album front to back this is always the one I’m singing afterward. It’s one of those melodies that sticks in your head. The vocal sounds country and the track is a mid-tempo with some real energy to it. It feels good.

SHE’S JUST LIKE THAT — That’s my wife Heather’s favorite song. It’s a sweet song about a guy whose girl maybe doesn’t do everything right but is a lot of things he likes. It’s a cool little love song that’s really very flattering to a woman.

HOW I WANNA GO — That’s a special song to me. It gives you a visual image that most songs don’t. It really kind of puts you on a boat next to the girl, picking an old beat-up guitar. It really does feel like that. Mark did a good job making it feel like more than just a country lyric and an acoustic guitar. It’s a more introspective song about the turnaround of a life because of a girl. It’s very much like me–you take the last ten years of my life, it pretty much sums it up in a song. It’s the way I look at life these days.

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