Country Star Scheduled For Knee Surgery

J.T. Hodges

Showdog-Universal’s JT Hodges may have to make a little adjustment to his shows later this year. He announced to Taste Of Country that he’ll undergo knee surgery to fix an unstable knee he had toured with all Summer. His ACL has been bothering him since his athlete days in high school.

“Ex-athletes never want to show weakness by talking about their injuries,” Hodges tells Taste of Country, clarifying that it’s a manageable pain for the time being. “It’s not really in pain, but my knee is just unstable. I toured all summer with it, and now with things winding down, I figured it was good to get it over with before it gets any worse.”

JT doesn’t expect to be down for long, with a new single planned to be released in January. He promises fans that he’ll find a way to still perform:

“If I have to go onstage on crutches, I will!” he says with a laugh.

We wish JT a fast recovery!

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