Blake Shelton Shares Some Twitter Tips

Blake Shelton isn’t the most shy of celebrities. The things he says on Twitter might make any censor go into a meltdown. He drinks, he flirts, he cusses, but to his 790,000 plus followers that’s part of his charm. Does he worry about what it does to his sales?

” I think it’s such a small percentage of people who buy records that it doesn’t matter. What if I offend 1,000 people out there by taking a stand that I hunt and those 1,000 people never buy another one of my albums again? If that is crucial, I was already screwed to begin with. That’s kind of how I feel about Twitter.”

What do you think? Do country artists need to be careful of what they say on Twitter or Facebook, or do you enjoy hearing the real truth uncensored from your favorite star?

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