Suite Caroline sings about Winter the Dolphin

The number one movie at the box office right now, stealing that top spot from The Lion King, is a movie called Dolphin Tale. Dolphin Tale is about a dolphin, named Winter, that was rescued and taken to the Clearwater Marine Hospital. Winter was named for the season she was found in and her story is an inspiring one. She had lost her tail and for a while it seemed like her chances at survival were slim. But with the help of a marine biologist,  prosthetics doctor and more, she was able to get a prosthetic tale and go on her way to recovery. Those who live in the Clearwater area and have visited the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, have seen Winter and all have their own thoughts on the story of this dolphin. Suite Caroline, a thirteen year old, singer-songwriter from Clearwater, wrote a song about Winter along with Don Goodman and Rick Morgan.

The song is about being there for a friend and Caroline recently performed it at the Dolphin Tale premiere in Clearwater at Ruth Eckerd Hall. The song is now up on Itunes for purchase for $0.99. Caroline is a brilliant storyteller and you can hear that in her songs. Take a listen to the song below, go buy Itunes and purchase it and be sure to head out to your local theatre and watch Dolphin Tale.

For more on the movie, you can check out the website.

For more on Suite Caroline, you can check out her website, twitter and youtube page.

You can purchase, The Dolphin Story: Winter, from Itunes here.

Suite Caroline – “The Dolphin Story” Winter by Resnik Music Group

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