Rodney Atkins Meets His Birth Mother

Rodney Atkins hasn’t talked about his birth mother before..until now.  He recently talked about her in an interview with the Associated Press, sharing that he met her in 2008 after he became a spokesperson for the National Council for Adoption.

“It hit me at that moment, walking in that room, getting to know her,” Rodney told AP. “She’s a wonderful, beautiful lady. I realized that the reason I needed to do that did not have anything to do with my parents. I’m glad I did that really, really, really for her. She’s been carrying that around, wondering what happened, and I could tell it was such a relief.”

Rodney told the Associated Press that his birth mother got pregnant at the age of 19 after a disturbing first date. His mother chose to hide the pregnancy from her family and to give him up for adoption.

Rodney was born with a respiratory infection and was given up for adoption when he was a baby, where he lived in a small orphanage. It was there that he was adopted by his parents Allan and Margaret Atkins and was raised in Harrogate, TN.

“I just wanted to tell her thank you, because she had some other alternatives to end that situation,” he tells AP. “I might not be here. So you don’t want to take it for granted. She kept saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ I kept saying, ‘Thank you.’”

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