REVIEW: Trace Adkins – Million Dollar View

Trace Adkins’ singles are always unpredictable. He can hit you with one of the most beautiful ballads, then leave you scratching your head over his latest for-fun, silly little song. He’s never one to play it “safe,” and he’s never released a single that was a guaranteed hit on country radio. Maybe that’s why he’s so likable: that his entire career was built on risk, and love it or hate it kind of singles. Even his albums change from release to release; with fans never sure if they’re going to get the joking side or serious side of Trace with each record.

“Million Dollar View” is as close to safe as Trace has ever been. The latest release off of his newest album “Proud To Be Here” was custom-made for country radio. The follow-up to “Just Fishin’,” his first solo top 10 hit in almost three years, (“Hillbilly Bone” with Blake Shelton aside), it should do just as well as the first single off the album. It’s a sentimental but up-beat song where Trace explains how it doesn’t matter what everyone else in the world thinks is the most beautiful place in the world – he has all he has to see in his woman. Maybe it’s a little more heartfelt now since he lost his house to a fire earlier in the year.

Trace’s unique, deep vocals are easily identifiable in the single. There’s no question that it’s a Trace single, even if it’s the safest of singles he’s ever released. It’s another love song by the singer that is pretty similar to Lonestar’s “Front Porch Looking In,” but it doesn’t come off as a cheap imitation. Trace’s song focuses mostly on his wife, while Lonestar is about their family, however, I’m sure Trace relates his song to his daughters too.

“Million Dollar View” is sure to keep Trace’s album steadily coming along. Even though country radio these days can be pretty unpredictable, I don’t see how this one doesn’t climb the charts and, at the very least, match what “Just Fishin’,” did for Trace. This song may not pull at your heart strings or be as cute as the earlier single, but it’s still going to be solid for Trace. It isn’t the catchiest single, but it’s still groovy enough to have you bobbing your head right along.

“Million Dollar View” will be released to radio stations on Halloween. You can get it now on his album “Proud To Be Here.”

RATING: 4 out of 5
POTENTIAL: Top 10 Mediabase hit

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