Miranda Lambert Covers Oklahoma Magazine


Miranda Lambert is everywhere next month. Not only is she the cover girl for Billboard, but now she’ll also be on the cover of the November issue of Oklahoma Magazine. The magazine features Miranda’s rise to stardom, her softer side, and why she doesn’t care if she doesn’t fit into the mold that music executives want her to.

“I’m excited for people to hear some different sides to my personality on Four the Record. I’m in a much different spot in my life – even more so than from Revolution, which was very different for me – so there’s been this whole transitioning of going from a girl to an older girl to a woman. I’m a wife now, and I’m about to be 28. I think that this new album shows the side of me as being a woman now instead of that crazy girl who wrote Kerosene at 18 years old.

“I feel like I’m opening up more and opening my mind up to more things. When I say that I’m married and a wife – that’s the settled down part of who I am – that crazy girl will always be there. There’s always going to be that rock star part of me who loves to go on the road and rock out and head bang on stage.”

Read the full article HERE on OKMag’s site.

Miranda’s new album, “Four The Record,” drops November 1st.

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