Meet Country’s Hottest New Duo, Now & Neverland

If you imagined the perfect combination of pop and country, with the added bonus of lyrical talent and a unique persona, what would you think of? Personally, I would think of Nashville’s up and coming duo, Now & Neverland. This musical duo, made up of Krysta Youngs and J. Churchill Morris, was born by chance in Nashville. Krysta brings a pop-rocker feel to the duo that beautifully complements the songwriting and vocal talents of J. Now & Neverland developed out of weekly meetings consisting of singing and songwriting that eventually flourished into a unique bond and talent.

After being provided the opportunity to showcase this duo’s talent, I quickly added their EP Say Nice Things to my iPod, eager to check them out. I was taken aback by their raw lyrical and vocal talent. Most impressive, while casually listening to my iPod, I found myself nodding and tapping along to one of the songs on shuffle mode. Concurrently, I became mesmerized by the lyrics of the song. It was soon after that I realized I was listening to a song off the Now & Neverland EP that I had not yet listened to. Furthermore, I was amazed by the talent oozing out of this song, as well as the others from the EP. In fact, I was surprised and disappointed by the fact that this duo has not yet been recognized for their authenticity.

Being a girl in my late teens, Now & Neverland’s songs definitely speak to the emotional, love struck side of me. Undoubtedly, their music relates to a longing for love lost and love to come – themes that can resonate with a younger audience.

Say Nice Things is a showcase of alternative country songs, most of which have a slower and lyrical presence. “Missing New England” is a song about missing a place and a love of a previous time and place. “Till You Walk In” is, in my opinion, the song from their EP that best embraces the traditional sound and feel of country music. The duo speeds things up with their song “Today We’ll Start Forever”, a catchy, finger-snapping song that articulates a whimsical and young love. Their song “I Don’t Want Nothing” is most definitely my favourite song from the duo. My interpretation of the song is that it speaks to a longing for a reciprocated love that has come and gone, but also longing for the strength to move on from this love.

Overall, I got more than I hoped for by reviewing this EP. Not only was I provided with the opportunity to showcase a growing talent, but I was also able to develop an admiration and respect for a duo that I will continue to listen to. It is my hope that Now & Neverland will receive the recognition they deserve as they continue to prosper in the music industry.

You can check Now & Neverland out here.

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